Chamber Singers Circuit

This is the board I had assembled for MJ Caselden‘s Chamber Singers installation.


“Chamber Singers is an interactive audio installation conceived by MJ Caselden. The piece was initially designed at the Metropolitan Exchange, a collaborative art/technology design space in Brooklyn, New York. The piece features several custom-designed stringed acoustic instruments, each with a resonating wooden chamber similar to the body of an acoustic guitar.

Circuitry built into these instruments generates varying electromagnetic fields, which induce vibrations in the strings, causing the instruments to “sing back” to viewers of the artpiece. Simultaneously, microphones in the art space listen to the sounds made by people viewing the installation. Audio input from these microphones run through audio software that control the circuitry of the instruments, allowing the people that view the installation to sing out and control the sound.”

The board is based on this schematic.

Back-view of board:
Back view of Chamber Singers Circuit