Bryant Park “Analogia” Simulation

Pillars of Bryant Park - "Analogia"

Since late December/early January I have been working with Ben Tritt to help him to create his two-tier 60ft painting called Analogia. I assisted him with the concept design of the piece. Using his sketched-out design ideas and the photographs he had taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was asked to change aspects of his original idea (but was asked to retain the order of the images) so he could gain more inspiration to paint with. Using the print outs of my photoshopped version, he combined his vision with mine to create what will be on display at Bryant Park from March 8-18 2014.

In addition to photoshopping/designing the artwork and posters/other media items, I worked alongside with another ‘intern’ to help with the manual labor aspect of the project. We stapled burlap onto each of the wooden frames, then prepped/primed and base painted, and added tar to the backs of each canvas/burlap used in this installation (about 28 frames used).

I have also done some of the ‘smaller’ things such as buying extra materials (paint, primer, etc.), removing all of the packages of bamboo used to hold each of the frames sturdy while on public display and helping to keep the work space tidy while at the 5 Bryant Park mural space.

You could see the NYTimes article here (under Pillars of Bryant Park), and the Bryant Park calendar description here (starting at 2-24-2014 through 3-18-2014).