Tiny Town - Passive Solar Home

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How it Was Made

Tiny Town - Passive Solar HomeThe final product of the Tiny Town project. I worked on this project with two other students. The house is a 1:18 model. The aim of the project was to prove that a house can reach livable temperatures on the coldest winter day when considering thermal resistance, window angles and area relative to the home, thermal mass, insulation, and other factors. The inside of the home is lined with concrete and cellulose insulation. The concrete stored the heat, then evenly distributed the heat within the house when the house dropped in indoor temperature.

More Images

Tiny Town Temperature Graph 2This graph shows the inside, outside, and thermal mass temperature read from the temperature sensor attached to the microcontroller used in this project. Measurements are in Kelvin.

Tiny Town Thermal Mass Energy StoredThis graph shows the energy stored by the thermal mass (concrete) in mega joules.

Tiny Town Microcontroller 3Picture of the microcontroller used in this project on a breadboard.