Portfolio - Design

NYTimes Featured Art Installation I was the designer for this art installation which had premiered in 2014 at Bryant Park. I had also done the pre and post-premier assembly work for this installation. The artist had reached out specifically to me in order to come up with ideas for th        

Flower Ring Made From Copper I sketched out an idea onto paper. The original idea and the final product are considerably different. I had anticipated creating arcs out of the copper wire for the petals, and angling each tier instead of resting the tiers on top of each other and        

Small Flower Pendant This was my second piece of jewelry made. The pendant took 19 or so hours to make and is made out of brass sheet that I bought at a jewelry store (18 gauge). The piece is approx 2.5 inches in diameter, the inner segment is approx 1 inch in diameter.        

Large Flower Pendant/Brooch This was my first piece of jewelery ever made. It's approximately 4 inches in diameter in its curled state. It's a pendant and a brooch. Since I'm a really tiny individual, it makes a better pendant than a brooch.        

Crescent Guitar Body 2D This is my latest project, a design of a guitar body. I bought a knock-off Telecaster guitar, measured the pocket dimensions and distance from each other in order to CNC mill a block of wood into the desired shape.        

Tiny Town - Passive Solar Home The final product of the Tiny Town project. I worked on this project with two other students. The house is a 1:18 model. The aim of the project was to prove that a house can reach livable temperatures on the coldest winter day        

Steel Hammer/Screwdriver Made from scratch out of steel and plastic rods.        

Concrete Xylophone Yes, a concrete xylophone. This was a fun project because I worked with concrete. The xylophone was created with volume constraints. It was a prelude to understanding thermal mass.        

Ragnarok Online Skin Benttoru Time I made this skin for myself when I used to play Ragnarok Online in high school. It most likely doesn't work anymore under the new server changes. I really have a thing for Bento Star Pals/Pets