Portfolio - Engineering

Sysadmin Data Analytics Tool I developed the Dell-VMware Content Pack for vRealize Log Insight that collects, filters and sorts syslog messages based on a set of pre-configured, ready to use rules for the most common operational aspects of Dell switches        

Sysadmin Console Tool Dell OMNI for VMware vCenter provides system administrators with an integrated console into vCenter vSphere to operate Dell EMC fabrics. By reducing complexity, OMNI enhances the visibility and management of Dell EMC fabrics        

Lon Po Po Circuit - WIP This is an interactive art project I am working on. My idea is to use only analog components to wire up this illustration I did to have LEDs flash at a random right and change brightness intensity depending on the amount of light it receives.        

Haptic Feedback Device This was a haptic feedback device I made for a client while on contract. The intent was to create a wearable where you could feel your surroundings without the need of eyesight.        

VSAT System Circuit Assembled and soldered circuit board used for VSAT system. Circuit detects pitch and roll of a boat to adjust the angle of the satellite on the boat. The satellite provides TV, Internet, Phone connectivity.        

Intake Application Flask App iMentor builds mentoring relationships that empower first-generation students from low-income communities to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions. I built the backend for their intake app.        

Lighting control system circuits These circuits are from my time working on a lighting control system for a company. The full assembly, including milling and solder masking is my own.        

Chamber Singers (Sounding Box 11) This is the board I had assembled for MJ Caselden's Chamber Singers installation, now called Sounding Box #11.        

Metronome Wire Wrapped Circuit Since I play a ton of instruments, I thought it was a good idea to work on a project that connects electronics and music together. I built a metronome based off of Jameco Electronic's metronome tutorial.        

LED Wire Wrapped Circuit This was a paired project. The sLED flash faster when the photoresistor receives more sunlight, than if it does not. The circuit is contains a 555 timer and two 7493 ic. This circuit is wire-wrapped on a perforated board.        

Tiny Town - Passive Solar Home The final product of the Tiny Town project. I worked on this project with two other students. The house is a 1:18 model. The aim of the project was to prove that a house can reach livable temperatures on the coldest winter day        

Steel Hammer/Screwdriver Made from scratch out of steel and plastic rods.