Portfolio - Engineering

Lon Po Po Circuit - WIP This is an interactive art project I am working on. My idea is to use only analog components to wire up this illustration I did to have LEDs flash at a random right and change brightness intensity depending on the amount of light it receives.        

Chamber Singers (Sounding Box 11) This is the board I had assembled for MJ Caselden's Chamber Singers installation, now called Sounding Box #11.        

Metronome Wire Wrapped Circuit Since I play a ton of instruments, I thought it was a good idea to work on a project that connects electronics and music together. I built a metronome based off of Jameco Electronic's metronome tutorial.        

LED Wire Wrapped Circuit This was a paired project. The sLED flash faster when the photoresistor receives more sunlight, than if it does not. The circuit is contains a 555 timer and two 7493 ic. This circuit is wire-wrapped on a perforated board.        

Tiny Town - Passive Solar Home The final product of the Tiny Town project. I worked on this project with two other students. The house is a 1:18 model. The aim of the project was to prove that a house can reach livable temperatures on the coldest winter day        

Steel Hammer/Screwdriver Made from scratch out of steel and plastic rods.